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The easiest way to obtain consumer credit data!

Credit Data API delivers rich credit data in JSON format directly to your application. We help you illuminate your consumer's credit history and provide a fast track to building your own credit based application.

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1, 2, 3 Bureau Credit Reports

Consumer data is piped in fresh from the top 3 US credit reporting agencies; Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian. All our credit reports can include the following features and more:

  • Advanced Merge Engine: Merged credit report uses state of the art merging engine to combine credit data from multiple bureaus into one credit report.
  • Credit Summaries: Different summaries are available to allow you to quickly assess a consumer's credit state.
  • Soft Inquiry Mode: This allows for a prequalification report that will not impact a consumer's credit score.
  • Automated Ordering Logic: Save money by setting minimum consumer requirements on the first bureau and avoid pulling the rest.
  • Compliance Requirements: Our reports meet FCRA compliance requirements.
  • Fraud Detection: Help prevent fraud with fraud detection products like Level One and OFAC.

Get to Market Faster

Lower your development costs and get your product to market faster by using our Credit Data API.

  • API requests and responses are in easy to use JSON data format.
  • No XML to parse or SOAP interfaces to slow your development down.
  • Customizable pre-built reports in HTML and PDF formats available. No need to build your own from scratch.
  • Easily filter credit data using REST-based URL resources.

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